​Bodies by Buttercream

Why Cookies?

​​​​Bodies by Buttercream is not a "brick and mortar" store.  We are a very small Cottage Food business located in Southern Maryland.  Although we participate in various fairs and events, most of our products are offered via Facebook or by Special Orders .  Please visit our "How to Order" page for more information.  

I am often asked if I've always wanted to be a baker.  Simply put, the answer is no.  Although I enjoy baking, what I really enjoy is decorating.  From various crafts, to decorating rooms of my home, to cookies, I like to decorate All. The. Things.  With cookies, each order is different, and they allow me to explore more and more about decorating sweets, as well as baking. It's an ever-changing craft that has managed to keep me interested in creating more for over 12 years...and counting.

Where to find us...

Bodies by Buttercream | Dunkirk, Maryland  | 518.728.7710